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The Little Miracle Swimmer girl

Rosanna Ogden The Little Miracle Swimmer girl Started to swim unaided at 13 months of age.

Splish-splash baby

Heart op baby swims unaided at 13 months of age during holiday at Benidorm hotel
1954-page7-rossana-ogden-swimmer-baby-and-mom.jpgBy Tom Cain
WAY back in March the family of Rosanna Ogden headed to Benidorm to celebrate Rosanna's dad's birthday along with that of her grandmothers, which were coming up in April.

Nothing remarkable there you might say, except for the fact that Rosanna had undergone major heart surgery in March 2010 when she was just six weeks old after a rare tumour was discovered.
Rosanna, from Chorley (Lancs) defied the odds and survived the operation and from there her life really began.

Her parents were advised by doctors to take Rosanna swimming to help build up her strength so she was enrolled in the ASA's water babies course.
Just over a year later and Rosanna was in Benidorm staying at the Les Dunes hotel where every day she was able to go for a swim with her dad Mick. Following a week of fun in the pool with her, Mick noticed that she was trying to break away from him and after telling his wife Sanam the couple decided to let her swim freely to see what happened.
To their surprise, just over a year after major heart surgery, 13-month-old Rosanna was able to swim unaided and even dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve her toys.

source : Rosanna Ogden
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