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Murder of Judith Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi (June 6, 1978 – July 25, 1988) was an American child actress. She was small in stature and often played characters younger than her actual age.[1] After years of physical and mental abuse, Barsi and her mother were shot and killed by her father, József, in a murder–suicide.

Life and career

Barsi was the daughter of Hungarian immigrants József and Maria Barsi, who had both fled the 1956 Soviet occupation of Hungary and then immigrated to Los Angeles, California shortly before the birth of their daughter.[2] Maria Barsi soon began grooming her daughter to become an actress.[1]

At the age of 5, Barsi was discovered at a skating rink.[1] She went on to appear in over 70 commercials and guest starring roles in television.[3] She also appeared in several films including Jaws: The Revenge, and provided the voice for the character of Ducky in The Land Before Time (1988). As she was short for her age (she stood 3 ft 8 in (1.12 m) at age 10), Barsi began receiving hormone injections at UCLA to encourage her growth.[1]

By the time she entered fourth grade, she was earning an estimated $100,000 a year which helped her buy the family a three-bedroom house in the West Hills section of Los Angeles.

Parental abuse

Judith's parents met at a restaurant in Los Angeles, well known as a meeting place for immigrants, where Mary worked as a waitress. Jozsef was a plumber, had problems with alcohol and was arrested three times for driving drunk. In the first years of marriage were a happy couple, but soon Jozsef became jealous of the success of her daughter. When Judith was preparing to go to Bahamas to plan the filmJaws 4 - Revenge , father entered her bedroom, locked the door and her kitchen knife to his neck saying: "If you do not return after finished shooting, I'll slit your throat. " She came back after two months, but the family atmosphere was not improved. Increasingly, there have been domestic disputes, Judith's father called her "spoiled brat". Judith mood began to deteriorate, she was not "full of life, a happy girl." Unable to cope with household stress Judith plucked eyebrows and mustache own cats. Jozsef has repeatedly threatened to kill his wife, sometimes saying he would kill himself and his daughter, to Maria suffered. In December 1986 Maria made a report to the husband, accusing him of mental and physical violence. But when the police found no visible injuries, the woman withdrew the accusation. In May 1988, Ruth Hansen noted the poor condition as a girl - she cried hysterically, was unable to speak - suggested that Mary take her daughter to a psychologist. This immediately sent her to Children's Services. Having received no help from government organizations, Maria rented an apartment in Panorama City, where he wanted to move from Judith. Hansen urged her to as soon as possible separation and divorce with her husband, but in July, Maria said she did not want to lose your house, which was the fruit of her daughter's involvement in career.


Judith was only seen riding her bike in the morning of July 25, 1988, when he rode the bike on her street. On the same day, there appeared on the scheduled audition for the role in a new production studio Hanna-Barbera. When Judith was sleeping, her father shot Judith in the head, and she was killed instantly. Her mother ran down the hall to see what was going on and was shot too. Jozef later went down to the basement and took his own life. This is called a murder–suicide crime. Judith was only 10 at the time of her death.
[change] Funeral

The funeral was held on August 9, 1988, Judith was buried with his mother in unmarked graves in the cemetery Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles. The brief ceremony was attended by about 75 mourners, a considerable portion of them children.
[change] Legacy

Judith Barsi Memorial was dedicated the song Love Survives from the film All Dogs Go to Heaven , which premiered over a year after the death of the girl. Judith Barsi's tombstone was installed on August 23, 2004, epitaph says:In Memory of the lovely Judith Eva Barsi "Our Concrete Angel Yep! Yep! Yep!". A similar plate mounted at January 25, 2005 at the tomb of Mary.
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