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Murder of Milly Dowler

Amanda Jane "Milly" Dowler was a 13-year-old English girl who was abducted on her way home from school in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, on 21 March 2002, and subsequently murdered. Her body was discovered on 18 September 2002.

On 23 June 2011, Levi Bellfield was found guilty of Dowler's murder and sentenced to a whole-life prison tariff.

Following her death, Dowler's parents established a charity called Milly's Fund to "promote public safety, and in particular the safety of the children and young people". The case also generated debate over the treatment of victims and witnesses in court, after Dowler's family criticised the way they were cross-examined during Bellfield's trial.

Dowler's murder also played a significant role in the News of the World phone-hacking scandal. It was revealed in 2011 that News of the World reporters had accessed her voicemail while she was reported missing. The resulting outcry from the British public contributed to the closure of the newspaper and led to a range of investigations and inquiries into phone hacking and media ethics, and not just at the News of the World.


At 3:00 pm on 21 March 2002, Dowler left Heathside School to go home on the train. She got off at Walton-on-Thames railway station, one stop before her usual stop of Hersham, to visit a cafe with friends. After telephoning her father at 3:47 pm to say she would be home in half an hour, she left on foot. She was last seen 18 minutes later,[5] walking along Station Avenue, by a friend of her sister Gemma, who was waiting at a bus stop.[6] A CCTV camera located further along the road showed no images of Milly, indicating she was abducted within minutes of passing the bus stop.[6] It is believed she was killed and her body dumped shortly afterwards.[7] Her parents reported her missing to the police at 7:00 pm that evening.

A nationwide search followed the disappearance, including 100 police officers and helicopters searching the fields,[9] streets and rivers around Hersham. Detectives who had worked on the abduction of Sarah Payne were called in to help.[10] Police and the Dowler family made many appeals for information, including a reconstruction on Crimewatch UK.[5] A plea was made on the ITN news programme[10] by Pop Idol winner Will Young, whose concert Dowler had attended shortly before her disappearance. The Crimewatch UK appeal included a direct appeal to her in the hope that she had run away from home of her own accord, though the day before her father had already expressed fears that his daughter had been abducted.[citation needed] Her mother expressed hope that her daughter had indeed run away, but admitted that she could think of no reason why her daughter would want to do so.[11] It was later revealed that Dowler had some time previously written a mock leaving-home letter and notes showing she had been unhappy.

A week after Dowler's disappearance, the police stated that she was probably not taken by force. They reasoned that while she was unlikely to have gone off with someone she did not know of her own free will, no-one had come forward who had witnessed a struggle, despite a number of apparent sightings of her prior to her disappearance.

On 23 April, the discovery of a body in the River Thames prompted media speculation that the remains might be those of Dowler. However, the body was identified the following day as 73-year-old Maisie Thomas, who had gone missing a year earlier, and whose death was not believed to be suspicious.[14] In June 2002, despite further searches, the offer of a £100,000 reward by national tabloid The Sun[15] and her parents continuing to text her mobile telephone in the hope of a reply,[16] she remained missing. At this stage police told her parents that she was probably dead.

Body discovery

On 18 September 2002, decomposed human remains were discovered by mushroom pickers in Yateley Heath Woods near Yateley, Hampshire.[2] They were later confirmed through dental records as Dowler's.[6][18] Advanced decomposition meant that no cause of death could be ascertained. The body had not been buried. The remains were unclothed, and neither her clothes, nor any of the possessions—the purse, rucksack or mobile telephone—she had with her at the time of her disappearance have ever been recovered.[1][19][20] The discovery of the body led the police to reclassify the case from a missing person investigation to a murder investigation. The investigation was undertaken by Surrey Police and code-named Operation Ruby.


On 22 November 2002, police set up a road block near the spot where the corpse was found. Motorists in the area were questioned, but no leads were discovered.[22] Initially the Surrey police considered Dowler's father a suspect, though they later apologised for the missed opportunities this may have caused.

On 23 March 2003, DNA of an unidentified male was discovered on an item of Dowler's clothing in her bedroom, suggesting that her killer may have met her before. This link was ruled out within three months, at the same time that a DNA link to a church robbery in Sunderland was also ruled out.

Paul Hughes was convicted of making threats to kill and was jailed for five years after sending letters to Dowler's mother threatening to kill her and claiming to have killed Dowler. The letters were sent whilst Hughes was in prison for indecently assaulting a twelve-year-old girl; the prison service apologised for not screening mail effectively.

Lianne Newman, of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, repeatedly phoned Dowler's parents, school and the police, pretending to be Dowler. Newman was jailed in April 2003 for five months after pleading guilty to five counts of making phone calls to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety.

Gary Farr, of Retford, Nottinghamshire, repeatedly e-mailed Dowler's parents, school friends and police officers working on the case, claiming that Dowler had been smuggled out of the country to work as a prostitute and stripper at nightclubs in Poland, and that her death had been a cover-up. Farr was sectioned indefinitely under the Mental Health Act on 19 October 2006 for being a serious psychological danger to the public after admitting a charge of harassment.

In March 2008, a man was arrested over the 'disposal' of a car linked to the murder investigation but was released later that same day.[29] On 4 August 2009, a 40-year-old man from west London was arrested in relation to the disposal of a red Daewoo Nexia,[30] but later released without charge.[citation needed] Two months later, Bedfont Lake in west London was searched by police in hope of finding the car, but neither the car nor anything else of interest to their inquiry was recovered. The car has yet to be discovered.

On 25 February 2008, Surrey Police confirmed that Levi Bellfield was their prime suspect in the murder inquiry and were "very interested" in questioning him.[32] On 30 March 2010, Bellfield was charged with Dowler's abduction and murder.[33] As a result, the inquest into the death was adjourned.[34] On 6 October 2010 he appeared in court via video link and was formally charged with one count of attempted abduction, one count of abduction, one count of disposal of evidence[citation needed] and one count of murder.

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sand sagebrush used for???

... that the Navajo tribe used sand sagebrush (pictured) as toilet paper?

Artemisia filifolia, known by common names including sand sagebrush, sand sage and sandhill sage, is a species of flowering plant in the aster family. It is native to North America, where it occurs throughout the western United States from Nevada to western Nebraska south to Arizona and Texas, its distribution extending further south into Chihuahua

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Today's featured picture

Pure (99.97+%) iron chips, electrolytically refined, as well as a high purity 1 cm3 iron cube for comparison. Iron is the most common element (by mass) on Earth, forming much of the outer and inner core, as well as the fourth most common element in the Earth's crust.
Photo: Alchemist-hp

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Top 5 places your car isn’t welcome

As much as we all moan and groan about traffic jams and highway pile-ups, most Americans would be lost without their wheels. Can you imagine The Beatles singing, "Baby, you can't drive my car ... " ?

But for those who prefer hoofing to steering, here's a list of the top 5 places in America where wheels aren't welcome:

Monhegan Island, Maine: There are no cars allowed on this island off the coast of Maine, but you probably wouldn't need it anyway -- wee Monhegan Island is barely one-mile square. There are, however, 12 miles of "steep and strenuous" trails if you get restless. The island is well-known as a prime fishing spot and has been a popular getaway for artists for decades.

Monhegan is a plantation on an island of the same name in Lincoln County, Maine, United States, about 12 nautical miles (22 km) off the coast. The population was 75 at the 2000 census. As a plantation, Monhegan's governmental status falls between township (unorganized territory) and town. The island is accessible by mailboat ferry (no automobiles) from Boothbay Harbor, New Harbor and Port Clyde.

Governors Island, New York: The only wheels allowed on this island are the ones powered by human legs. You can bring your own via the free ferry, or rent a fancy QuadCycle once you arrive. The island was closed to the public until 2003, when the U.S. graciously sold it back to New York ... for a dollar.

Hike Inn, Georgia: They're not kidding around - to get to there, deep in the Amicalola Falls State Park, you actually have to "hike in." Two to four hours, to be exact. The Inn boasts clean linens, hot showers and home-cooked meals, but tech heads beware: There are no electrical outlets in the"'bunkrooms" and guests are requested "not to bring cell phones, beepers, pagers, laptops or other electronic devices."

Catalina Island, California: Just a ferry ride away from car-congested L.A., Catalina is paradise for those who prefer extremely "alternate" modes of transportation. Visitors can kayak, boat, zipline, parasail, helicopter, SNUBA, SCUBA, etc. -- anything but drive. Unless it's a golf cart, which are allowed in the main town of Avalon, but nowhere else.

Tangier Island, Virginia: On this island in Chesapeake Bay, three things are not allowed: cars, credit cards and alcohol. But before you cancel your reservations, there's boating, crabbing, biking, buggy tours, white sand beaches and more. Still not convinced? OK, you can rent golf carts here, too, if you really feel the need for speed.

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Bukan Doa Kamu Yang Makbul Sebenarnya

Bercakap fasal doa,saya teringat satu kisah yang sangat-sangat memberikan kesan dalam kehidupan saya. Guru-guru saya di sekolah, semenjak sekolah rendah, sangat menerapkan doa. Jadi, saya sudah dibiasakan dengan Solat Hajat, Solat Dhuha, Qiamullail, waktu-waktu doa yang mustajab seperti ketika hujan dan sebagainya agar saya rajin berdoa, dan agar doa saya makbul. Jadi, bila Allah anugerahkan saya kejayaan, saya sentiasa rasa, itu sebab saya doa dengan bersungguh-sungguh. Namun satu cerita mengubah persepsi saya.

Cerita yang saya dengar itu begini:

Kisah berkenaan seorang abang dan seorang adik.
Kedua-duanya adalah anak yatim lagi miskin. Mereka tinggal di rumah pusaka tinggalan ibu bapa mereka. Kedua ibu bapa mereka adalah hamba ALLAH yang soleh. Kedua-dua anak dididik untuk bergantung harap dengan Allah SWT.
Si abang, saban hari berdoa agar ALLAH mengubah nasib hidupnya. Dia meminta kepada ALLAH agar dipertemukan dengan isteri yang cantik lagi kaya. Dia meminta kepada ALLAH agar dirinya kaya raya.

Si Adik pula, seorang yang buta huruf. Tidak seperti abangnya, dia membaca doa pun dengan melihat kertas. Sebelum bapanya mati, dia pernah meminta bapanya menulis sesuatu di atas kertas, dan kertas itu sering dipegangnya setiap kali berdoa.
Akhirnya, Allah mempertemukan seorang perempuan yang cantik lagi kaya dengannya. Perempuan itu jatuh hati kepadanya, lantas berkahwin. Si Abang seperti mendapat durian runtuh dan kehidupannya terus berubah. Dia keluar dari rumah pusaka, dan meninggalkan adiknya.

Si Abang akhirnya kaya raya, malah terus kaya apabila dia memasuki medan bisnes. Dia sudah mula alpa dengan ALLAH, melewat-lewatkan solah, jarang membaca Al-Quran, tapi tidak pernah lalai untuk meminta kekayaan daripada ALLAH. Kalau masuk dalam bab perniagaan, kekayaan dunia, maka berbondong-bondong doanya kepada ALLAH. Dan ajaibnya, Allah beri apa yang dia minta. Si abang rasa dia istimewa.

Si adik pula, hidupnya tidak berubah. Dia masih seorang sederhana, dengan kelemahannya sebagai seorang buta huruf, dia hannya mendapat kerjaya sederhana, terus menjaga rumah pusaka. Si adik, juga rajin berdoa. Si abang tahu, si adik rajin berdoa. Tapi Si Abang melihat, hidup adiknya tidak berubah-ubah. Lantas satu hari, ketika Si Abang menziarahi adiknya, Si Abang berkata dengan sombong:
“Kau kena berdoa kuat lagi. Tengok aku, berdoa je ALLAH makbulkan. Kau ni tak cukup hampir dengan Allah ni. Berdoa pun masih tengok-tengok kertas. Tak cukup hebat.”
Si Adik tersenyum sahaja. Suka abangnya menegur kerana padanya, teguran abang amat bermakna.

Si Adik terus hidup sederhana, di dalam rumah pusaka, dengan doa melihat kertas saban hari, dan kehidupannya tetap tidak berubah. Tidak menjadi kaya seperti abang.
Satu hari, Si Adik meninggal dunia. Ketika Si Abang mengemas-kemas rumah pusaka, dia berjumpa satu kertas. Kertas itu adalah kertas yang adiknya sering pegang ketika berdoa.

Si Abang menangis teresak-esak apabila membaca kertas kecil itu.
Kertas itu tertulis: “ Ya Allah, makbulkan lah segala doa abang aku”
MasyaALLAH… Si Abang mula membandingkan dirinya dengan adiknya. Adiknya kekal taat kepada ALLAH dan tidak meringan-ringankan urusannya dengan ALLAH SWT. Adiknya, sedikit pun tidak meminta dunia kepada ALLAH, malah tidak meminta apa-apa untuk dirinya. Tetapi adiknya meminta agar segala doa Si Abang dimakbulkan. Si Abang, tidak pernah sedikit pun mendoakan Si Adik.

Si Abang mula nampak, rupanya, bukan doa dia yang makbul. Tetapi doa adiknya telah diterima oleh ALLAH SWT, lantas segala doanya menjadi makbul.
Cerita ini meruntun hati saya, dan buat saya sentiasa berfikir panjang.
Kadang-kadang kita, bila Allah realisasikan hajat kita, kita suka mengimbau usaha-usaha kita.
"Aku buat beginilah yang jadi begini."
"Doa aku makbul seh!"
"Aku ni memang Allah sayang. Tengok, semua benda Allah bagi. Aku minta je pun."
Tanpa sedar kita bongkak. Takabbur.

Sedangkan, kita tak tahu, mungkin yang makbul itu adalah doa ibu bapa kita, doa adik beradik kita, doa sahabat-sahabat kita. Bukannya doa kita.
Cerita itu sangat menyentuh hati saya.
Membuatkan setiap kali saya berdoa, saya tidak lupa mendoakan ibu bapa saya, guru-guru saya, keluarga saya, adik beradik saya, sahabat-sahabat karib saya, yang teramat akrab saya sebutkan namanya agar lebih merasai bahawa saya memerlukan mereka mendoakan saya juga.Kita ini banyak dosa. Banyak hijab.
Mungkin doa orang lain yang lebih bersih hatinya, lebih suci jiwanya yang makbul, menyebabkan rahmat Allah tumpah pada diri kita. Sebab itu jangan berlagak. Jangan tinggi diri. Jangan rasa doa kitalah yang makbul. Pulangkan semuanya kepada Allah. Doa itu sebahagian daripada usaha sahaja sebenarnya.
Dan jangan rasa segan nak minta orang lain doakan kita.
Semoga bermanfaat note ini.
Sebarkan jika anda rasa ada manfaatnya.
Semoga Allah redha dengan kita.

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Jom CountDown New Year 2012!!

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Halal Naik Moto Bersama

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Today's featured picture

An Australian Wood Duck (Chenonetta jubata) duckling. Also known as the Maned Duck or Maned Goose, this species of dabbling duck is found throughout most of Australia. Its habitat includes lightly wooded swamps, marshes, open woodland and grassland.

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PeRtAmA (chapter 3)

Manusia PERTAMA...

Hawa (Eve) (حواء) ialah isteri Nabi Adam (a.s), wanita yang pertama dari kalangan manusia. Hawa dicipta dari tulang rusuk kiri Adam di ...

Manusia Jawa
Manusia Jawa merupakan salah satu daripada spesimen pertama Homo erectus yang ditemui. Spesimen itu ditemui pada tahun 1891 oleh Eugène

Sejarah Rusia
Lepas . Angkasawan Rusia, Yuri Gagarin menjadi manusia pertama yang mengorbit Bumi dengan menaiki kapal angkasa Vostok 1 pada 12 April 1961

Sejarah perkembangan komputer dari pertama sampai sekarang
Sebelum tahun 1940 Sejak dahulu kala, proses pengolahan data telah dilakukan oleh manusia. ... Usaha Babbage yang pertama untuk menjawab

John Logie Baird (bahagian Demonstrasi awam pertama)
mencipta sistem televisyen berfungsi yang pertama, dan juga siaran televisyen warna ... Maka, Taynton menjadi manusia pertama yang disiarkan

Angkasawan pertama Malaysia merupakan Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor yang dilancarkan dibawah Program Angkasawan Negara


Angkasawan termuda ialah rakyat Russia bernama Gherman Titov berumur 25 tahun menerusi kapal angkasa Vostok 2. Beliau juga orang pertama mendapat penyakit di angkasa. Angkasawan tertua ialah John Glenn yang ketika itu berumur 77 tahun , menaiki STS-95. Tinggal paling lama di angkasa lepas iaitu selama 438 hari ialah rakyat Russia, Valery Polykov.

Hulk Hogan
23 Januari Hogan memenangi Kejohanan WWF, mengalahkan Iron Sheik di Madison Square Garden, manusia pertama untuk melarikan diri dari Camel..

23 Disember
1954 - Pemindahan organ manusia pertama yang berjaya: Dr. Joseph Murray dan Dr. J. Hartwell Harrison memindahkan buah pinggang kepada..

1783 - Penerbangan manusia pertama yang berjaya (gambar) dibuat di Paris dengan belon udara panas buatan Montgolfier bersaudara, oleh Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier dan François Laurent d'Arlandes.

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PeRtAmA (chapter 2)

There are about 320,000 people who live in Iceland, which has an ... their surname, but in Iceland people call other people by their first name

Iceland (Icelandic: Ísland) is an island country in the North Atlantic, between Greenland and Norway, formerly a possession of Denmark. It is culturally considered to be part of Europe. Iceland is 300 kilometres east of Greenland and 1000 kilometres west of Norway. There are about 320,000 people who live in Iceland, which has an area of 103,000 km²

Gua Bewah (bahagian Rangka manusia zaman Mesolitik)
Rahman menyatakan rangka manusia purba itu dalam keadaan mengerekot . ... 1975, rangka purba pertama ditemui di Gua Batu Tok Bidan , Tasik ...

Rangka manusia zaman Mesolitik

Jabatan Muzium dan Persatuan Sejarah Malaysia Terengganu pernah melakukan ekskavasi pada 10 hingga 24 Julai 1976.Artifak yang ditemui termasuklah rangka manusia, serpihan tembikar, kapak batu dan sisa makanan iaitu sisa tulang haiwan dan cengkerang-cengkerang siput sedut yang dipotong pada segmen ketiga.Titisan air menghasilkan pelbagai bentuk dan saiz formasi stalaktit (yang meruncing dari siling gua) dan stalakmit seperti burung unta dan lembaga manusia. Terdapat spesies endemik lipas ekor biru dan lumut hijau berkilauan.

Pada Mei 1956, arkeologis British, R.O.D. None yang bertugas di Muzium Perak pernah mengkaji gua itu dan menemui beberapa artifak penting zaman Neolitik termasuk kapak batu, kendi dan mangkuk tanah.

Arkeologis dari Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Jabatan Muzium Negara dan Lembaga Muzium Negeri Terengganu menemui rangka manusia yang dipercayai dari zaman Mesolitik berusia 8,000 hingga 11,000 tahun.

Timbalan Pengarah Institut Tamadun dan Alam Melayu (Atma) UKM, Prof Datuk Dr. Nik Hasan Shuhaimi Nik Abdul Rahman menyatakan rangka manusia purba itu dalam keadaan mengerekot . Ditemui pada kedalaman 65cm hingga 70cm. Sampel DNA (asid deoksiribonukleik) dihantar ke Amerika Syarikat untuk dianalisis.

1975, rangka purba pertama ditemui di Gua Batu Tok Bidan, Tasik Kenyir.

Kerja ekskavasi dilakukan oleh 33 orang diketuai oleh Dr. Nik Hasan Shuhaimi bersama Pengarah Lembaga Muzium Negeri Terengganu, Mohd. Yusof Abdullah.

"discourse" atau "kaji", dan pertama kali digunakan oleh François ... "Apakah ciri fizikal manusia?", " "Bagaimana perangai manusia?", "

seperti nombor wujud secara semula jadi, ataupun hasil ciptaan manusia. ... bertulis pertama yang diketahui, dicatatkan oleh orang Mesir purba ...

Nabi Adam a.s.
Nabi Adam A.S. merupakan nabi dan juga manusia pertama yang bergelar khalifah Allah yang dimuliakan dan ditinggikan darjatnya menjadi nabi ...

Pada tahun 1957, satelit buatan manusia pertama yang mengorbit Bumi, Sputnik 1 , dilancarkan; pada tahun 1961, perjalanan manusia pertama ...

Apollo 7
Apollo 7 merupakan misi pelancaran angkasa pertama yang membawa manusia dalam Program Apollo . pelancaran angkasawan pertama yang ...

Vladimir Mikhaylovich Komarov
Beliau adalah angkasawan pertama Soviet yang mengembara ke angkasa lepas lebih dari sekali, dan manusia pertama yang mati ketika misi..

Buzz Aldrin
Bersama Neil Armstrong , dia menjadi manusia pertama mendarat di Bulan melalui misi Apollo 11 . Pada 20 Julai 1969 mereka berdua mendarat ...

Abu Ali Hasan Ibn Al-Haitham
Abu Ali Hasan juga merupakan manusia pertama yang memperincikan secara tepat pelbagai bahagian mata dan memberi penjelasan saintifik

Wiley Post
1935 ) adalah seorang juruterbang Amerika Syarikat yang terkenal sebagai manusia pertama yang terbang bersendirian bagi mengelilingi dunia

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Today's featured picture

Peribahasa Belanda (Belanda: Nederlandse Spreekwoorden) merupakan sebuah lukisan berasaskan minyak yang dihasilkan pada tahun 1559 oleh Pieter Bruegel, seorang pelukis Zaman Pembaharuan di Eropah. Lukisan ini memaparkan lebih kurang 80 jenis peribahasa Flanders Belanda yang dilambangkan melalui perwatakan seseorang di sesebuah kawasan. Sesetengah peribahasa itu masih digunakan sehingga kini.

Gambar pilihan sebelum ini: Khat Islam abad ke-18 - Gugusan buah anggur - Masjidil Haram tidak pernah sunyi

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PeRtAmA (chapter 1)

Semua berkaitan "PERTAMA"

Dinasti pertama Mesir purba sering digabungkan dengan dinasti kedua dalam kelompok yang sama, Tempoh Dinasti Awal Mesir. Pusat pemerintahan ketika ini adalah Thinis.

Sukan Asia pertama telah diadakan dari 4 Mac hingga 11 Mac , 1951 di Delhi , India . Pada awalnya dijadualkan diadakan pada 1950.

Bahasa pertama adalah bahasa yang pertama dipelajari oleh seorang manusia, iaitu bahasa ibunda nya. Dia dipanggil penutur asli bahasa ini ...

Perang Dunia Pertama

Garis waktu 1914 : 5 -10 September : Pertempuran Pertama Marne . September: Pertempuran Pertama Aisne dan pertempuran Lemberg . ...

Abad Pertama merujuk kepada tempoh dari 1 hingga 100 dalam kalendar Gregory. Bagi takwim astronomi, abad ini ialah antara tahun 0 hingga tahun 99. Abad ini dianggap sebagai sebahagian Zaman Klasik atau Zaman Sejarah.

Perang Salib Pertama dilancarkan oleh Paus Urban II pada tahun 1095 dengan dua matlamat; membebaskan Baitulmuqaddis dan Tanah Suci dari kekuasaan orang Islam dan membebaskan orang-orang Kristian Timur dari pemerintahan orang Islam. Perang ini bertitik tolak dari rayuan Maharaja Empayar Byzantine, Alexios I Komnenos untuk mendapatkan tentera upahan Barat bagi menentang bangsa Turki di Anatolia dan rayuan ini dengan pantas bertukar kepada perpindahan dan penaklukan wilayah besar-besaran oleh Barat di luar Eropah. Ramai kesatria dan petani dari pelbagai bangsa di Eropah Barat mengharungi daratan dan lautan menuju ke Baitulmuqaddis. Mereka menakluki kota tersebut dalam bulan Julai tahun 1099 dan menubuhkan Kerajaan Baitulmuqaddis dan negeri-negeri Salibi lain. Walaupun pencapaian-pencapaian ini hanya mampu bertahan kurang daripada 200 tahun, Perang Salib Pertama merupakan titik peralihan utama bagi perluasan kuasa Barat dan juga langkah pertama yang utama terhadap pembukaan semula perdagangan antara bangsa di Barat sejak kejatuhan Empayar Rom Barat.

Kampung Pertama merupakan sebuah kampung Melayu yang terletak di Seberang Perai Tengah, Pulau Pinang. Ia terletak berhampiran dengan Permatang Pauh, Seberang Jaya dan juga Bukit Mertajam. Kampung ini juga sebahagian daripada Kawasan Parlimen P44 Permatang Pauh di bawah Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim hasil kemenangannya pada pilihan raya umum ke-12 yang lalu dan juga di bawah kawasan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Seberang Jaya yang dimenangi oleh Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah.

Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) kampus cawangan Pulau Pinang juga terletak bersebelahan kawasan kampung ini.

The First

World War I was a war fought by a lot of countries, which is why it is called a "world" war. It started in 1914 and ended in 1918.[5] Other names it has been called are The First World War, and The War to End all Wars. It was called the Great War before World War II began. 135 countries took part in World War I, and more than 15 million people died in the war.

The First Lady of the United States is the wife of the President of the United States. If the President is not married, or his wife is unable to do the jobs of First Lady, a family member such as daughter or sister usually is considered the First Lady. The current first lady is Michelle Obama.

Some famous former first ladies include Martha Washington, Dolley Madison, Jacqueline Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosalynn Carter, Nancy Reagan, and Hillary Rodham Clinton

In astronomy, first light is the first time a telescope is used to look at the Universe.[1] This is often not the first time the telescope has been used. Tests will have been done during daylight to make sure everything is working. Images taken during first light are not normally of scientific interest. They are usually poor quality as the parts of the telescope have not been properly adjusted for best performance. Usually, a well-known and spectacular astronomical object is chosen. First light is always a moment of great excitement, both for the people who designed and built the telescope, and for the astronomical community.

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Murder of Sarah Payne

Sarah Evelyn Isobel Payne (13 October 1991[3] – c. 1 July 2000)[4] was an eight-year old girl murdered by child killer Roy Whiting in West Sussex, England in July 2000.[5][6][7][8] The subsequent investigation became a high profile murder case in the United Kingdom. Following his conviction, Whiting was imprisoned for life and is currently being held in the maximum security Wakefield prison, West Yorkshire

Whiting's background

Roy William Whiting was born in Horsham hospital in West Sussex on 26 January 1959.[10] He was one of six children, of whom only he, an older brother and younger sister survived to adulthood.[10] He grew up in Langley Green, Crawley.[10] When he was a child, he was abused by a close relative.[11] He attended Jordan's primary school, then Ifield secondary school.[10] His mother left home with his sister[10] in 1976,[11] and remarried.[12] In June 1986 he married Linda Booker in Ifield, West Sussex. They separated; their son was born in Crawley hospital in July 1987; they divorced in 1990.

Whiting was involved in banger racing during the late 1980s, but abandoned his interest in the sport due to a lack of success.

Sarah Payne's disappearance

Sarah Payne disappeared on 1 July 2000 from a cornfield near the home of her paternal grandparents, Terence and Lesley Payne, in Kingston Gorse, West Sussex, England.[18] Payne had been playing with her brothers and sister; aged between five and 13 at the time.[19] A nationwide search commenced within 48 hours, and Payne's parents made television appeals for her safe return. On 2 July 2000, officers from Sussex Police visited Whiting making inquiries into Payne's disappearance.[20]

On 17 July, a body was found in a field near Pulborough, some 24 km (15 mi) from Kingston Gorse where she had disappeared. The following day, forensic science tests confirmed that the body was Payne's, and Sussex Police began a murder investigation.

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Froebel star

... that the Froebel star (pictured), a common Christmas decoration in Germany, is created by folding and weaving four identical strips of paper?

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Today's featured picture

The eastern chipmunk (Tamias striatus) is a chipmunk species native to eastern North America. Like other chipmunks, they transport food in pouches in their cheeks, as seen here. They eat bulbs, seeds, fruits, nuts, green plants, mushrooms, insects, worms, and bird eggs.

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A MiLLiON ThAnK's tO Fiqa

Aku dpt nie sbb aku join SEGMEN TAHUN BARU KT BLOG DIA, Klau korang2 nak pun bleh jugak bleh join segmen FIqA
click sini > Fiqa

Segmen aku kt sini Lily

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CeRiTa TeNtaNg BaTriSyiA DaMiA

Ini anak no. 2 saya, di lahirkan di Klinik Swasta di Wangsa Maju KL. Anak no. 2 biasanyer tidak banyak kerenah lagipun mungkin dia perempuan kot... Next year dia akan berada di standard 2.

Gambar semasa berumur 4 tahun....

Gambar berumur 5 tahun

Damia Birthday's

Damia Turns To "4"

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Segment Azam Tahun Baru

Azam tahun baru saya ialah semua mengenai HUTANGGGG$$$$$ MELANGSAIKAN HUTANG2.. HIDUP TANPA BERHUTANG.. MENDIAMI RUMAH BARU TANPA BERHUTANG... harap Allah SWA makbulkan permintaan saya ini.......... aminnn

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