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Fear not, there are no sharks swimming in your mall

Just when you thought it was safe to brave the mall...this happens.

Social sites were buzzing this week with images of two sharks swimming through the ground floor of a popular mall and science center in Kuwait. Rumor was the hungry predators were lurking through the flooded building after their massive tank had collapsed and flooded the ground floor in several feet of water.

First it was snakes on a plane and now this?

After some more amusing variations of the narrative began creeping into some news and blog feeds the man behind the phony image came forward to let everyone know it was absolutely not real.

Jamie King, a self-described lover of hockey and great advertising, says he created the fake images after seeing photos of the recently flooded shopping concourse in Toronto's Royal Bank of Canada building. Of course, financial districts like the one this building is located in are already considered shark tanks.

King's photoshop skills are obviously solid. Now that he's come clean, he's being flooded with compliments on his work. "It's getting a lot of attention, that's for sure," said the Senior Art Director at Grip Limited, an independent advertising agency based in Toronto. Even the tech wizards at Mashable want to talk to him about photoshop, and rightfully so, because making water manipulations look remotely authentic is no easy feat.

"The trick to making good images is to make the viewer question its reality because it looks real and natural," says King, who spends a good chunk of his day using the software. To grasp his latest work, consider the original photo of the flooded Union Station below.

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